Saturday Aggregate

Saturday Aggregate:

Tired. Another run of long-ass late nights on the job. But…and this is a pretty important but, Sunday off.

Just got an exceptionally high blood sugar-trying an experiment to lower it. Report in a few lines.

Google anal-lytics say readers are fleeing this stain on the internet like lemmings before the sea. Buh bye, readers. Come back someday?

The hummingbirds move their little feet like they are running when they sip from our feeder. It’s hysterical.

Mama robin has once more picked the nest by the porch to make her home and has three eggs she is working on. This always ends the same way. Because she is constantly flying out when we leave the house the attention of some predator who likes delicious robins eggs or even worse baby robins is drawn to her nest. The result is always the same.

A great time was had by us at the Back Mt. library auction. Details will be in Wednesdays WEEKENDER column. We will go back today and probably for a while on Sunday. We are good customers. I love the library. You can leave with thousands of dollars worth of books, videos, cds, etc. and it’s all free. As long as you bring them back.

Do I betray my age, saying “videos?” Should I say DVDs?

My MGB has brakes again which makes it infinitely more pleasurable (not to mention safer) to drive. It received it’s yearly going over and inspection. Ted, the affable MG mechanic, allows as how it is showing it’s age. The car is the exact same age as my older son, who celebrates 37 today. He has parts that are failing him as well, most notably the new hairless do mandated by loss of follicles. Such is life.

Blood sugar experiment…epic fail. I can think of no reason why I am getting elevated numbers. This disease is as baffling as it is depressing. I think I will go eat something.

My old boss from the radio (the best boss I have had in this life,bar none) and a guy I consider a close friend is coming back to town to work for a radio group that I also worked for years ago. He has some challenges there, but that is what he excels at. It’s odd that he would end back here. Radio is a very closed circuit sometimes. Welcome back, John. Hope we get to spend some quality time near a purveyor of fine wine.

It’s been really hot here. Humid too. My god…am I resorting to talking about the weather? Shame on me.

I mentioned here last week that I was considering doing away with the Rant D’Jour post. I am still thinking about it. High blood sugar numbers and lower Google numbers today. I could easily go into a tailspin. So I will hang it up for today.

As always, those of you left, both of you. Thanks for reading.


The Rant D’Jour is about an unfortunate personality trait of mine.

I hate buying new clothes. I am probably the least fashion oriented person on the planet. There are… more


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