Better Red, Than Dead

Picture This

This picture really bothers me. Why?

I guess, other than the fact that the kids are tarted up worse than JonBenét Ramsey in outfits that they have no clue what they represent the thing that bothers me most is the gun in the boys hand.

I know kids, especially young boys, love toy guns. It’s probably a toy gun, except in the U.S. it would have an florescent orange plastic nose piece. But why does the boy, probably 5 years old, with the Red Army Uniform, trumpet and gun unnerve me?

The article Repackaging the Revolutionary Classics of China talks about a revival of sorts of the old revolutionary spirit of China.

It makes me wonder. American kids do Thanksgiving pageants. Holiday plays. But, and maybe this is because I don’t have school age kids now, I don’t recall being in an auditorium with Kindergarten kids dressed as Civil war soldiers holding muzzle-loaders.

Just showing my ugly, xenophobic, American side, I guess.


The Rant D’Jour is about video production sent out of town.
A recent news story in the paper was headlined “World to see W-B via videos.” I am all for the world


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