Picture This: In YOUR back yard

Picture This:

I have written extensively about feelings about the idea of drilling where I live for Marcellus Shale natural gas deposits.

I am, as you can guess, not for it. That is to put it in it’s best possible light. If they had found sufficient quantities of gas in this area and proceeded apace with the destructive practice here I think I would have become an eco-terrorist. I feel that strongly about it.

In the picture is my worst nightmare as it is being lived someplace in Texas.

Texas has a rich history of such stuff. Oil wells, those ubiquitous pumps that look like the mechanical bird sipping from a water glass, dot the landscape. So Texans probably feel right at home with that towering, hulking monster in their backyard. I bet they barely even hear the noise, mind fighting the traffic generated by the hundreds of water tankers arriving daily.

Hell, Texans probably LIKE the damn things.

I guess so. Take a look at the houses. Pretty farkin’ fancy. Little brick Mc-mansions set down in some Texas shithole. Nice. Two car garage. Excuse me, two Pick-up truck garage. Those white trucks look new. The one on the left is a dual wheeler. Top of the line! Yet another car parked in the driveway. Also looks new.

Nicely landscaped. Big stockade fence in front, bigger one in the rear. Pretty good sized lot, some good space in between houses.

I wonder if the 30 pieces of silver were worth it?


The Rant D’Jour is about Boscoving.

Al Boscov wants a break-and I think he should get it.The downtown Boscov…Rant D’Jour


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