At the risk of bringing down the gods of clichés on my head I want to say here and now. Thank god it’s Friday.
I won’t even abbreviate it to TGIF because that’s now a restraint with wait persons who wear way too much flair. Flair is what they call all those buttons and gee-gaws that make you think your waitperson is fun. Just give me a beer and a burger and don’t give me no crap.

See? That’s the kind of week it’s been and it’s why I kneel at the once a week god of Friday.

Friday just sounds good. Maybe because it’s FRY day..a day where you can have fried food? Or a day to get fried? I dunno. I just know that if you were to rank the days of the week according to the Rising scale it would go bottom to top like this. Monday wins hands down for sucking. It is followed closely by Wednesday. I know hump day and all that but, Well Wednesday is too slow. Excruciatingly slow. Is it over yet? Tuesday is ok. Tuesday you can sort of drift thru. Thursday comes next because it’s next to Friday. FRIDAY is next because..well we discussed that already. Sunday is next to last because it has the misfortune of being followed by Monday.

Best day of the week by far? Saturday. The day for me of doing things that I can’t or just won’t do during the week. A day where deadlines and people you wish you din’t have to deal with just disappear for 24 blessed hours.

So why isn’t the phrase thank god it’s Saturday?

In a world of days that end with y, anticipation is as important as realization.

I’m out of here for the weekend. To get fried food or to fry a few brain cells.


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About James Rising

A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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