Radio DaZe: F&%$!

Radio DaZe: F&%s!

Wacky was a great place to work and a terrible place to have a life. I worked all the time. My life was sleep, not very much, eat (a lot) and work work work.

At one point I was morning man, production director, operations manager, copywriter and I did mobile disco work on the side. I was VERY busy!

I gained a lot of weight, eating sub sandwiches, potato chips and washing it down with gallons of sugared soda. Pictured below, you see me (Right) with Jim “The Big Tuna” Kaye, both heavyweights in the industry.

I am guessing I am getting near my high point of 280. Whew!

One day I was in the front office munching on a sub. I am sure I had mayo and other debris on my beard and shirt. I just wasn’t concerned with my appearance, always rushing here and there.

An “account executive” from WHYN, someone who I had probably met two or three times while I was there, entered looking for a taped copy of a commercial we had produced to run on WHYN. Fairly standard procedure, we gave them ours, they gave us theirs.

He stood in our cluttered lobby/office and looked me over. I greeted him. He was the total package, shined shoes, dapper suit and 100$ hair style. I looked like a street person. He took my hand, reluctantly. I probably wiped mayo off on my jeans.

He said, “Well, they seem to be feeding you well.”

“At least here I can afford to eat.” was my witty reply.

Maureen, the feisty take no shit from anyone office manager/traffic manager/receptionist (everyone wore multiple hats at WACKY 102) was nearby. “Mo” was a tough customer but she was intensely loyal to Don and Mike and by extension me. She adored my son, James, and was always happy to advise me on my escalating marital woes.

“What do you want?” she snarled at the A/E, with the word “peckerhead” barely audible.

The WHYN A/E began to bristle and gave Mo some attitude. Wrong move, peckerhead.

It don’t recall how it escalated into a shouting match but I do know Mo called him a fuckhead. He demanded to see the GENERAL MANAGER!

Don was in, his office right off the lobby and his door was open. He could not have helped but hear.

Mo shoved him in the office and I overheard Don say, “what do you want?’ I couldn’t hear the AE’s reply but I sure heard the next thing Don said.

At the top of his lungs he shouted. “She said what?” Murmur from AE. “Fuck she said?” More mumbles.

Then it became like a cartoon, Don chasing the hapless AE out the door, screaming “fuck fuck fuck” while Mo and I collapsed in tears and laughter. Guy never got his tape, nor did he ever come back.

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