Aggregate Saturday:

Aggregate Saturday:

Really looking forward to some time away, some time on the road and some R&R.

It’s all about the next thing, in life, sometimes, isn’t it?

I am slowly healing from the tree removal incident last Sunday. The tree in question was leaning up against the house which was a bad thing but more distressing to LSW than me. So we hacked at it with the hand saw, heaved and pulled and I hurt myself in process.

It could have been a lot worse. It’s on a steep hellside. That would be hillside but it’s much too steep to be called that. At one point a mighty heave made me part company with gravity. I landed with the sense and breath knocked out of me up against a tree at the base of the hellside. A half a foot either way and I would have been skewered by sharp pointy branches. Jim-ka-bob.

After I recovered (and it took a while) I was doing mighty heave when I felt something give way inside of me. The left inside of me. Between my tit and my ass. Hurts like a MoFo now and is interfering with my rest. Also hurts when I try to (insert anything here) and generally makes life less pleasurable.

As I said it is better today than yesterday.

A little spun out after a later night than it should have been in my regular job. I love (not) when people you work with take the time to explain why they took so long to do something that you need to finish your day after the fact. I would prefer a heads-up before waiting an hour but, hey that’s just me.

All is ready for the trip north. A stock of Dick Yuengling’s best for the folks up there that thirst for it. Made my world famous apricot square’s from Aunt Mary’s age old recipe for the feast. Changed the oil. Cleaned the car. Filled the windshield washer. Checked the accommodations reservations. I wish we were leaving tomorrow.

Another weird spike in my goggle analytics yesterday. Who knows? I do not. But thanks for reading!

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