Sunday Wrap 11/21/11-11/26/11

Sunday Wrap 11/21/11-11/26/11

A look back at the past weeks postings. Many times I forget that people need a little road map to the things that get put up on my blog so this is the best way I know how to catch you up. I sincerely thank you for reading. Both of you!
This week’s offerings are on the electric chair, how I view the spraying of pepper, a look at holiday work on the radio and more more more, Andrea True Dies.

Monday 11/21/11

Blog PostThe chair-and it’s not an easy chair.

Tuesday 11/22/11

Blog Post Back to the future-the 60’s revisited on our streets.

Blog Post R.I.P. “More More More” singer Andrea True

Wednesday 11/23/11

Blog Post Weekender Column: What I am thankful for. Military weapons version

Thursday 11/24/11

Blog Post Radio DaZe: Thanksgiving on the radio

Friday 11/25/11

Blog PostFirst Class? I have no class…

Saturday 11/26/11

Blog Post Saturday Aggregate: That was the week that was

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