Saturday Morning Aggregate: 12/10/11

Saturday Morning Aggregate: 12/10/11

Christmas shopping with Long-Suffering Wife is the plan today. It’s an ordeal under the best of circumstances, and today will be in the lower 30’s,( It’s 27 now) possibly with snow flurries. Could this be any MORE fun?

My last visit with the study on diabetes I have been involved with for the last 13 months was yesterday. I have learned a lot about me, the disease and eating in the past year. I will catch up on my blog post Juiced and spell out some of this stuff. Probably not today because (see above).

We live in the arctic wilderness of NEPA. Downtown all the snow from Wednesday’s storm is gone. Outside our windows it looks like the dead of winter. This does nothing to make us happy.

The one bonus of the weekend: I do have all of today off due to some schedule juggling. It actually works out for the best as the shopping MUST be done today so the packing can done Sunday so the packages can be mailed to Tn, Ct and Vt on Monday.
Whew! I hate this part of the Christmas experience.

The MGB is asking to be turned into a trip to Disney-world. In other words I am really, really, really seriously thinking about selling it. The clutch is not working- I tried every fix I could find online. No dice. The solution is a 75$ tow to the MG mechanic. Maybe not until Spring. Stupid car.

…just hear those sleigh bells ringing…

Odd thing about this song. It’s played every Chrirtmas but has NOTHING to do with the holiday.

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