On the treadmill of life.

I am thinking of buying a treadmill.

My gym membership is $29 monthly. Two years would buy a decent machine, especially if I can find one at yard sale. I have a space for it in my studio and I think that it would be better than what I am doing now. Why?

Going to the gym annoys me several ways. I have to drive there. Right off the bat I would be saving money on gas. Driving half asleep where the deer roam is always dangerous, often the roads are slippery in winter and other drivers, well, you know.

The gym itself is nice enough. More and more often the exercise machines have “sorry out of order” signs on them but they have loads of treadmills and that is really all I use. It’s a waste (all my fault) that I don’t do more but an hour on the treadmill Mon-Fri is enough. My nutritionist says why not every day. So there’s another reason right there.

But the real issue is the Sirius radio.

I used to work at this gym. Well, if you can call being the front desk guy, 15 hours a week work. I checked in patrons, sold memberships and made coffee. I was replaced in this job by a card reader at the door. Another victim of automation.

Above where the check-in was are a couple of speakers. The gym area proper, with all the weights and Nautilus is on another level. These speakers in question serenade the aerobic area, where most people if not all use their own I pods for musical distraction. So in my opinion they are redundant. And they distract me from reading, which is my distraction of choice.

There is a separate volume control for each area. I know where they are, having worked there. For some time I reduced the speaker volume for the aerobic area. Until…the management (my former employer) left a nasty note, with my name on it, admonishing me for doing so.

I worked for this place for almost a year. Showed up at 4:45am, five days a week. Opened the joint up. Varied the volume as I chose. Now they can’t tell me in person? They have to leave a note, for all to see?

I tore the note down the other day.

I am thinking of buying a treadmill.

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