Radio DaZe: tain’t this or that.

Radio DaZe: Tain’t here this week. I am taking the week off to reflect. rest and recharge. In it’s place is an evergreen column first broadcast in 2005 on 102.3 the Mountain. See you in 2012

This Week is the “tain’t” of the calendar.

Now before you go turning me into the FCC I found a definition of that word that will serve my purpose here as well as any other.

The time between the start of a project and the end of the project. As in “There tain’t much time to finish this job.”

That works for me. This is the week between the end of a busy year and the start of one that will be even busier. This is limbo week. This the week that time forgot. Here at the radio factory most everyone takes this week, or a good portion of it off. The hallways and studios are quiet and meetings are small if they happen at all.

On a day when I usually get hundreds of emails all I got today was a few offers to increase my manhood or my breasts and an offer in some language not quite English to refinance my home.

The phone which usually rings so often the bell is red hot has cooled down. The voice mail message light which in normal days could be used as a desk lamp, is out.

It’s restful but also a little bit scary. Kind of like living on the ground floor apartment and hearing the tenant take off one shoe and drop it to the floor. When will the other shoe drop?

It’s a week when you clear off your desk and put some order into your life. Or at least that’s my intention. I haven’t seen parts of my desk for most of the past year. Who knows what treasures will be found?

It’s also a week for tying up loose ends. Finishing projects interrupted by regular weeks of too much to do and too little time to do it. Following up on ideas that didn’t get enough attention and need tlc to grow and develop. Thinking great thoughts.

Then again it could be a week where lunch is three hours, the phone is on do not disturb and the email has been set to ignore.
Either way it’s tain’t week.

And about this I don’t think I am wrong.

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