Radio DaZe-The Wacky (Station) Wagon

Radio DaZe-The Wacky (Station) Wagon

What you are looking at is an ancient station wagon, I think it was a Chevy, that Don and Mike, the owners of Wacky 102 had me fetch from North Carolina.

Don and Mike were the ultimate in “get er done” long before any comedian arrived on the scene. They were sometimes generous, mostly so cheap they squeaked and extremely wise in the ways of bizness. They were the ultimate in pragmatic and I learned lots about lots working for them.

They had a tendency to send you (meaning me) on “missions”, some pretty silly, some rather weird. One time I had to drive Mike’s 280 SL Mercedes Roadster from Springfield Mass to New Haven then rent a car to get back home. He wanted the car at the dock when he arrived in his cabin cruiser. He paid me well for a days work and I scammed a high end hotel room for the night. Room service, bring me another steak!

The mission in question was to go to their station in Greensboro North Carolina, pick up this station wagon with a trailer in tow and drive it back to Wacky 102 for use as a remote vehicle. I made them send me and the family to Disney World first and then fly me to the car.

The car was…well not a wreck but certainly not new. It was running OK and the GM of the station had serviced it and even got the AC running, sort of. You could run it on “low” for a while until the engine would overheat, then shut it off for a few hundred miles. It was the middle of summer. It was a HOT trip with my wife and young son with me, but after some adventures we made it.

The car was as plain vanilla as you could imagine. I found these far out van detailing guys, who for trade and for the on air exposure would do it up in album cover art. The pictures do not do it justice. It was amazing. I have No idea what became of it. It should have been in a museum.

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