Laptops roasting by an open fire…

When I was learning how to write this sort of thing back in the age when Dinosaurs walked the earth and phones had rotary dials on them there no such thing as a laptop or for that matter a personal computer.

I did my writing on a beat up old smith corona that we laughingly called a portable. It weighed about 25 pounds and didn’t have too many features. No spell checker or even a correction mode. But I used that sucker through high school and college and I certainly learned what little I know about writing from that piece of crap typewriter. It had one advantage that this sleek little laptop I am using right now doesn’t. It never exploded or started to burn while I was using it.

I am sorry to say that this very laptop or one like it burst into flames last month.

Fire! Fire! Settle down, Beavis.

The Dell Company which makes the exploding laptops has blamed the Lithium ion battery and labeled the whole deal a thermal incident. Sounds like corporate double talk to me.

The company Vice president of corporate group communications (AHA! I knew it was a corporate tongue wagging) said “It’s very very rare to have a thermal incident.”
By the way another Dell laptop decided to become a campfire somewhere here in good old Pa. but that one has been traced back a faulty chip. That’s a relief, right?

So I think the Dell guys and gals are missing out on a great idea here. If they could only control the timing of when the laptops turn into flaming infernos they could have a whole new product line.

First of all think about the possibilities for getting customers out of boring meetings. Eyes drooping, Head nodding forward. Brain squirming from too much happy hour the night before. Push the button that has the icon like a little campfire and you will soon be able to take a nap while the fire dept hoses down the conference room. Better yet they could market the laptops as a combination computer bar b que. Nothing like a hot dog roasting over a plastic fire. Mmm Mmm.

Just a word of caution for you Dell Lap top users our there. Don’t take the idea of Lap Top to heart. It could be more painful than a hot cup of coffee in your lap if you know what I mean.
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