Aggregate Saturday

Today, the Rant D’Jour is one of my favorites. It’s one where I am self-deprecating to a “T.” The title, which on first glance appears to have nothing to do with the story is the punch-line of a joke about the guy who cleans up after the elephants in the circus.

I come from a generation
that considered long hair much more than just a fashion statement. It was a clear defining mark of…more

Blog Post for Saturday 2/19/11 – 33 degrees at 7:38 AM – Wind has been blowing hard for the last 24 hours. Really hard. The squirrels are hanging on for dear life.


Aggregate Saturday

I am very tired. “Spun-out” is what they say in motor racing. Late night at the SPEED job. You’ll have that.

The Ciavarella case is over and the scum-bag gangster got a guilty verdict on 12 of the 39 counts.
He is nervy little shit as you can see here, denying that he ever took dime or hurt a kid. The circle of hell for this misanthrope has not been invented yet. There is strong language in here, from a dead kids mom.

I am a little surprised that more of the families of the victims were not on hand to let douche-wash man know what they thought of him walking free. I think he should make a practice of looking over his shoulder. All the time.

I have written a tribute to this reprehensible toad. It was my idea but I received enormous encouragement from my friend and mentor, Ed Ackerman. And he wrote the chorus.

Yes it’s a song.

I have plans to have it recorded. I am not sure, but I hope the WEEKENDER will run it as my column this week. It’s over my word count but I think it’s pretty good and serves the purpose. Developing. Stay tuned.

The scrum of reporters around the convicted gangster doo-doo head Ciavarella are all pressing him for answers. But notice they all have the logos of their stations on the microphone “flags.”

WILK is right up front in many pictures from the trial. Getting the story is important. Getting your microphone flag on the TV and in the newspaper is cool, too.

Funny story. Back in the day I hired a news consultant for one of the stations we owned. The big FM did “lip-service” news at the time but we had an all-news AM. The consultant singled out one staffer, a not too swift guy in his estimation, as useless on the air.

But because he was tall and burly he was made into a “human microphone stand.” We paid him to get the mic flag on TV and in the papers.

The guy in question probably never knew this and would no doubt be pissed off about it. But he WAS good at it.

Yesterday the front page of the Citizens Voice featured a picture of the Kids-for-cash piece of excrement with mic flags in front of him.
One of them was solid white. Somebody, handy with Photo-shop, took a logo out. Lots of reasons for doing this. None of them make the CV look like heroes. Just sayin’.

I still have not made it back to gym. I am trying to figure out how to work this into my schedule. That’s my excuse. I could get up an hour early (that would be 5 AM) and do it then. Or do this deal and then go. Either way I have to find an hour in the morning. Not the easiest thing to do.

I am told the sign-on of WFTE, the station that has suffered some sort of brain damage and agreed to let me pollute the airways once again, is delayed by a paperwork snafu. It will happen in its good time. I once waited out, on the couch, an entire summer for a station transfer to happen. It was not fun, treading water. But anytime you deal with the F.C.C. you expect these things.

A comment in a Blog that I read often caught my attention the other day. It was about the local “Blogosphere.” (No one calls it that anymore. I doubt they ever did.)

The comment poked fun at local bloggers using the font Comic-Sans MS.

Evidently that’s a no-no.

A faux pas.

A sign of poor breeding and bad hygiene.

Who knew? A lot of people, apparently. What’s wrong with Comic-Sans?

Back when I worked for big corporate radio the guy who ran our web department noticed I used Comic-Sans on my blog posts at the time.

Noticed it, made a face, but never let me in on the deal.

I am sure he took some delight in letting me make myself look stupid. He no doubt did that sort of thing a lot. He is one MORE reason I am SO glad I do not work in an office anymore.

"It's from Questionable Content, so it must be right.

Ok, that’s enough.
Rant D’Jour

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