Be nice.

This all began with a botched root canal. Ten years ago I had a dentist who was in training to be a butcher. Actually I think he ended up in the travel industry. I hope that he doesn’t ever fly a plane. Anyway this miserable excuse for a dentist did several root canals on me and none of them have ever been right. I suffered with them for a long time but a couple of weeks ago one became real painful. So off I went to my dentist who promptly referred me to an oral surgeon.

Now I have no problem with the oral surgeon. He did make a small mistake but fixed it right away and was very apologetic about it.

And his assistant in the procedure could not have nicer or more professional.

But the girls in the front office. There are names I have heard women called that I can’t say here.

These lovely ladies deserve all of them.

My first greeting at the window was a five minute wait while the three behind the glass finished their blatantly personal conversation. I found out more about their lives than I really wanted to know. Finally I get some attention.

“What?” was the attention. I was a little taken aback but I managed to get out my name.

“Ok siddown.”

I saddown.

And while I was waiting I saw the most amazing amount of rudeness and vile behavior I have seen in my life. And don’t forget I have an ex-wife and I have been to domestic relations.

These ladies were inexcusably rude to everyone. One girl came to the window. Asked and had answered a question. Then as she walked away the behind the glass gang made fun of her. She went back to the window and said, “I heard that and I hope someday you get treated like you just treated me.”

Whew. Just another day at the beach.

I discovered the Dentists minor mistake a few days later and called him at night to see what I should do. He told me to come in the next day first thing.

I resented the fact that when I stood at the window that morning that I still had to wait while the three magpies had their little chat.

Finally my turn.


I said my name.

“ don’t have a appointment.”

“ No. But the dentist wants to see me.”

“Well, Siddown.”

“No,” I said.

“What?” The shocked lady exclaimed.

“The dentist will see me now,” I said

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that,” she snapped at me.

Just then the dentist came around the corner and saved us all from an unpleasant exchange.

You know it costs nothing to be nice. And it makes the whole experience of living so much better.

I suspect those three had better upbringing than they were displaying.

But somewhere along the way it all got lost.

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