The Rant D’Jour is from 2006 but it still holds true today. Some things are timeless.

Have you noticed lately that more and more people are showing up for work looking like they are at deaths door? Hacking and wheezing like old steam engines…more


Blog Post for Sunday 2/27/11 – 32 degrees at 7am -Ice is melting.

A photo essay of sorts.

The long-suffering wife fears very little in life. She stands up to me with no hesitation. Faces down rude waiters and shopkeepers with aplomb. Takes on tasks that would make a stevedore blanch. She is hard working, practical and a perpetual motion machine.

She IS, after all, the long-suffering wife.

But she turns to jello when critters invade the Rising ranch.

Spiders not so much.

Stink bugs and hornets can be dealt with

But small mammals are another story.

Bats turn her into a shrieking frenzied stranger. The last time one took a flight around the house I had to physically pick her up, take her to a non-bat room and shut her in.

She makes a peculiar and readily identifiable noise when she discovers wild life living it’s life unbidden in our home.

It’s a high pitched, soft but shrill sound. Not a squeal. Close to it, though.

She made that sound yesterday.

She was upstairs trying to clean the gentlemen of the house’s office. Himself was, where else, pounding away here on the kitchen table Dell.

Mercy. Please?

This is not the first rodent to trap itself in the garbage can in my office. How they get in the thing is a mystery. Acrobats.

The long-suffering wife demurs on first reading of this story.

“I am NOT afraid of mice,” she says.

True enough. She did bring the basket down the stairs to show me and to have me deal with the critter.

I suggested setting it out on the porch to freeze. This was deemed heartless. The traps that break the critters nearly in half, not so much, I guess.

A compromise was reached. I put the garbage can on it’s side on the porch and let the rodent scurry to freedom. Or more like freeze-dom. It was 17 degrees.


Rant D’Jour

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