Like a horse and carriage

You may kiss the bride

Muhamed Noor Che Musa has gotten married. He’s 33 and it’s his marriage and I am sure he is like every new husband in this world. Full of happiness and a little anxiety for his new life. Concerned for his new bride. Wanting to make sure she is happy and that their new partnership will be a long lasting one. And probably more than a little interested in what will go on in the honeymoon suite.

The only problem is that it can’t happen. Or probably won’t. For you see the bride is on her 21st marriage.

And she is 104 years old.

This news comes to us from the quaint old country of Malaysia more specifally the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It seems that Muhamed met his bride, Wook Kundor ( and no, I don’t think he calls her his little “Wookie’”) as a friend and the relationship soon blossomed into love. According to Muhamed he is not marrying her for her money as she is poor.

”All she has to offer is her deep religious knowledge,” he has said.

No doubt gained while being married 20 times before.

There is no information that I could find about the former husbands of the new Mrs. Musa. It is common in that part of our world for men to have a few wives at a time so she might have been part of a harem. Or she may have just outlasted the guys.

No one knows but her.

Of course a marriage with an age difference so great must pose some problems. I could be real insensitive here and go on about the obvious but instead why don’t we just look at the fact that when her new husband was born Wook was already 71 years old. What points of reference in conversation could they have, really?
“Back when I was a girl we didn’t have, insert almost anything here….cars, planes, phones radio…air,.. gravity.”

It might get a little tedious for young Muhamed don’t you think?

The other thing that caught my attention about the former Ms. Kundor is the fact that she was married 20 times before, and was childless.

Well at least we know one thing that she didn’t spend a lot of time doing.

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