Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday


My work schedule precludes me from joining the long-suffering wife on the Saturday morning shopping/flea market/yard sales expedition. She is bummed about this. It can’t be helped. We are going over the shopping list as I try to write this.

I am multi-tasking.

On the Rant D’Jour I published today I added this:

When I worked as a production (audio) drone for a very unpleasant man (the GM) and a very pleasant woman (the Production Dept. Boss) I had this as the desk-top image on the computer in ‘my’ studio.
No one ever commented on it.

About 10 feet from where I sit there is a bunny, busy eating the newly mowed grass. He has his job. I have mine.

Have I mentioned how good the first sip of coffee is in the morning? I gave the stuff up for years. It’s probably no good for me. I have so few other bad habits now, that I can have this one, right?

I don’t smoke, don’t drink (much-more in a moment) and have stopped running after women. The LSW does not run. This saves a lot of time and effort on my part and the sum total of the experience is far more gratifying.

Smoking was the single dumbest move ever on my part. I smoked as a teen, gave it up and then picked it up years later with a passion. It was incredibly hard to quit. It has been over a decade since I have put a tube of paper wrapped over leaves into my pie-hole and burned it, sucking the smoke into my body. I hope I am free of all the horrible consequences of the years I did that.

Drinking has been a problem lately. I would really like to have a few now and then. But something in my body chemistry has changed. I don’t enjoy it as much as I once did. And I really, really enjoyed it. To an excess. And if I have more than two drinks in a sitting, the next FEW days are agony. A hangover that puts all hangovers to shame. Very weird. I told the team of diabetes investigators and my Doctor about this. They labeled it “alcohol intolerance” and left it at that. I think they are missing an important side-effect of the study medication.

I mean, really. An Irishman who can’t drink? It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke.

NASCAR runs it’s longest race of the season Sunday night. The Coca-Cola 600 is a 400 lap grind from day into night at Charlotte Motor Speedway, culminating the second week of track activity there, last weekend being the All-Star race.
Neither of these events are my favorite of the season. I will be joyful when the traveling circus that we cover from afar, moves onward.

I need to grind out a column.


The Rant D’Jour deserves some sort of award. It’s well thought out , strongly written and takes a stand.

Seeing “Hitler was right” and a swastika spray painted on various downtown Wilkes-Barre buildings including…more


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