Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday

A fairly long entry in the “Juiced” section of this blog. 28 days and going very well.

I cut the fingers of my right hand, right where I type and use the mouse. Painful and slows me down. Maybe slowing down is not bad thing.

One of my favorite authors, Stephen King, always releases a new book around the time of my birthday. This year is no exception. But he is about a month late. I have 11/22/63: A Novel on preorder at Amazon, to arrive 11/08. I will hang on to it and read it during my break, at Thanksgiving. I still have the capacity to get excited about such things.

The Sister-in-law has decided to enter the world of the Internet. She is starting at square one. This is a mouse, level. Should be interesting. I have set up her machine (A nice large screen Toshiba Laptop) with Logmein, so I can take control from here and show her what I mean without getting my lazy ass down to her place.

I have today off. I can’t remember when I have had a Saturday off. I plan on getting a large Olive Garden takeout lunch, drinking far too much wine and then….I will probably fall asleep in front the of the Talladega Truck race. Bus driver’s holiday I think they call it.

The repair work from the Tropical Storm and Hurricane plods along. The guy is slow, but then again he is cantankerous. Gives me the finger and tells me to get back in the house. There you go. I put up with it because it is mostly not mean spirited. Mostly. And he is cheap and is doing many small jobs that a real contractor would not stoop to.
But the Long-Suffering Wife hates how slow it’s going. I wish it was done myself.

Lemon in hot water. Nature’s most perfect laxative.

28 days without a caffeine fix. Do I think I will go back to coffee, sodas with caffeine? Perhaps in moderation. I have had pretty regular glasses of wine. Still losing weight, still with very healthy blood pressures and low blood sugar readings. Read more >Here

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