Sunday Wrap 10/24/11-10/29/11

Sunday Wrap 10/24/11-10/29/11

Here is look at what I have posted the last week, along with a bonus link to my daily blog about my adventures in juicing. If I don’t type enough text here the Facebook insets all sorts of mysterious code so I am just sort of rambling on here to see if I can get Facebook to not do that. Have a great week and Go Dale Jr. I still evidently need more blather. Maybe I will use some aaaa code to fill in the blanks.


Monday 10/24/11

Blog Post A Pirate looks at 31

Tuesday 10/25/11

Blog Post ‘Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)’, Paul Leka R.I.P.

Wednesday 10/26/11

Blog Post WEEKENDER COLUMN: Purposeless, needless and doomed to fail

Thursday 10/27/11

Blog Post Radio DaZe: WSNO

Friday 10/28/11

Blog Post Picture This: Just One Child

Saturday 10/29/11

Blog Post Saturday Morning Aggregate

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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