Saturday Morning Aggregate

Saturday Morning Aggregate:

Is it funny that to make the blog post for my Juicing appear at the top of the stack the control is called “Sticky”. Juice? Sticky? OK I am punchy, I guess.

Long ass night to return to work. 1pm to about 2:30a. Some would call that a 13 and half hour day. It’s not digging ditches but in the words of Darrel Waltrip I am ‘tarred’.

I was on vacation last week and missed a couple of entries here. Might be the first time I did so. I needed to recharge a bit and move in some different directions. It is working as my output (witness a very lengthy review of the new King novel) has increased in terms of word count. I fear I am guilty of Kurt Vonnegut style. Short and to the point. Good for radio but not so good at a nickel a word. Become verbose, young man.

We have vacationed in the same spot for 15 years. The last ten of those in the same seaside resort. The management tried to sell off the place as condos and failed to get a single offer. Now they are cutting back to save money. It’s a shame to see a place that was just about heaven on earth, a place we looked forward to all year long, start to tip over into ruin.

The woman who used to run the front desk became a friend. She really took care of us and we always brought her gifts and such when we arrived. The new twits they have running the show could fuck up a one car funeral. They couldn’t wipe their ass without instructions. Totally screwed up our reservation and could have cared less. In a normal year we would have made our summer and fall reservations and put down a hefty deposit on both. This year, we have other plans. What they are we are not sure at this juncture. They may involve a mouse and a grandson. We shall see.

The new twits couldn’t empty a boot with the instructions printed on the heel. Love that one. I think I heard it in Maine.

Coming back into town we managed to time our arrival perfectly with that of President Obomalama. Stuck in traffic after an eight hour drive so he could give a speech is not my idea of the perfect ending to a vacation. We just wanted to get home. Every exit, every overpass, infested with State cops. Does it really work? Could they prevent another Lee Harvey Oswald with all this extra effort and overtime? I doubt it.

The highlight of our vacation? For sure the Thanksgiving dinner and time associated with same. Spending time with my two younger children and my sister? Priceless. Even a trip to the Ct. department of motor vehicles to fix up some problem was pretty funny. It also pointed out to me that I am very glad I live where I do, and not in large metro (read ethnic) area.

In the odd circumstance department. A client cancelled an appointment for Tuesday on Friday at about 10am. I laid down to take a nap and another very sporadic client called and took that time. Life is full of examples about how timing is everything. Usually it’s bad timing in our case.

Thanks for reading. I promise to get a full weeks worth in this week.

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