Captain Beefheart’s album “Bat Chain Puller” is finally released

Captain Beefheart was (is) an acquired taste. Working for Frank Zappa must have been a trip in and of itself. Frank “discovered” Captain Beefheart, Wild Man Fischer, and Alice Cooper with mixed results.

I have no clue what this new Beefheart music will sound like. But in spite of all the backbiting and recriminations back and forth at the end of his life I am sure Don Van Vliet would be pleased to have this see the light of day.

Those that say it’s Zappa’s heirs looking for a payday just don’t get it. How many copies of this do you think could possibly sell?

More than 36 years after it was recorded, Zappa Records is finally releasing Captain Beefheart’s album “Bat Chain Puller.”

An offical release for Captain Beefheart

Preorder here

Stunning artwork on CD

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