Atheist Gets Coal In Stocking…

This is just wrong. Not because it’s not the right of any American to say what they want, where they want. It’s because if you infringe on the rights of others to say what they want, then it’s wrong.

This asshole and the group of assholes he has collected are preventing any Nativity scenes and other Christmas decorations from being displayed in (you can’t make this stuff up) SANTA Monica.

Again, I have no problem with freedom of expression. I applaud it. But not at the expense of others freedom of expression. He is not not an asshole because he is an atheist. He an asshole because he is intolerant and unbending.

This is just wrong.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, and Damon Vix? You get coal in your stocking this year.

The elaborate Nativity scenes rose in a city park along the oceanfront here every December for nearly six decades. More than a dozen life-size dioramas depicted the Annunciation, Mary and Joseph being turned away at the inn and, of course, the manger.

This always angered Damon Vix, who worked off and on in Santa Monica and considers himself a devout atheist, so to speak. How could it be, he asked himself each year, that the city could condone such an overtly religious message?

So, a few years ago, he petitioned the city and received his own space, using it to put up a sign offering “Reason’s Greetings.” But this year, he wanted more. Mr. Vix gathered a few supporters and applied for dozens of spaces in Palisades Park, a patch of green on a bluff overlooking the sandy beaches that this city is famous for.

Suddenly, city officials realized they had far more requests for space than they could fulfill, they said, and created a lottery. When it was finished, the atheists had received a vast majority of the spaces. The Christian groups were forced to choose three scenes from their typical 14.

Where Crèches Once Stood, Atheists Now Hold Forth

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