Saturday Aggregate: 1/7/11

Saturday Aggregate: 1/7/11

A rare day off on a Saturday.

I will spend it enjoying the company of my Long-suffering wife. We have some errands to run, a new antique place to visit and a local winery has a going out of business sale. Dallas winery to close.
I feel sort of bad I haven’t visited them before they gave it up but, greedy spendthrift that I am I will swoop in to pick the bones.

Think PA winery is some sort of joke? Guess again:

Here is a List of Pennsylvania wineries. The wine is good, cheap and it’s a fun way to spend a day, touring and tasting. Don’t worry, LSW drives.

Slippers are best invention ever. I had been padding around in stocking feet. It wears out the socks quickly and gets them dirty. Plus it provides anti-traction on wood or vinyl floors (90% of the Rising ranch) and no protection for my toes. Hurray, slippers. Mine from K-Mart, on sale with coupon cost around $2.00.

Eating Vegan is not as much of challenge as I thought it would be. I have been cooking more and eating a big variety of really delicous dishes. It has certainly opened my eyes. See more here.

I gave out copies of The Sparrow – by Mary Doria Russell to all my loved ones for Christmas. Bought ’em at Amazon used but good, they were a present I made because I think it’s the best Speculative Fiction book I have EVER read.

So far my oldest, James, is the only one to crack it as near as I can tell…he seems to be enjoying it.

Boy, I hope the rest of my family gets into it. It’s SO good.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot is in the replicator. That and a few rice cakes with Natural Peanut butter and I am ready for the day. I sound like Euell Gibbons
meets Jean-LucPicard.

I will do something on natural foods at some point. Suffice to say, they are nice.

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