Sunday Wrap 1/2/11-1/7/11

Sunday Wrap 1/2/11-1/7/11:

A jam-packed, action-filled and surprisingly prolific week that was…
I begin my Vegan journey, crusade against diets, do my version of New Years resolutions as published in the “WEEKENDER”, post some cruel photos of me in my salad days in a Radio DaZe feature, rail against “Corporate Amerkia” and do the usual meandering, not to say rambling in the Saturday Aggregate. Also for good measure I throw in a look at the way internet usage is skyrocketing and a look at a new film featuring John Mellancamp.

What else could you ask for, I ask you?

Monday 1/2/11

Blog Post Weight, weight, don’t tell me.

Tuesday 1/3/11

Blog Post Diet begins with DIE

Wednesday 1/4/11

Blog Post Weekender Column 1/4/11: New Years Resolutions.

Thursday 1/5/11

Blog Post Radio DaZe: Wacky 102 has it’s way with me.

Friday 1/6/11

Blog Post Corporate Amerika

Saturday 1/7/11

Blog Post Saturday Aggregate: 1/7/11

and some extras:

Blog Post Uh oh…

Blog Post John Mellencamp: It’s About You

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