Aggregate Saturday: 1/21/11

Aggregate Saturday: 1/21/11

It’s SNOWING #$%@#.

Probably about 3 inches…first this year. I should not complain, but I will.

We did get hit worse in October. Next week seems like a warm up. The forecasters are calling it, heh, the January thaw.

I am in the market for another car. The vehicle of choice is a Pontiac Vibe, to replace my aging Mitsubishi Outlander.
10 years ago I had full size Ford Explorers. Then two Mitsubishi Monteros (which they seem to have discontinued). Then the Outlander. Now, hopefully this Vibe. A downward progression in size to say the least.

Of course this means I have to do the “car buying” dance again…this time with a trade-in. And possibly two as I have resigned myself to say goodbye to the MG. It’s time for someone else to love her.

I have been very slothful in 2012. Gym membership a waste of $ this year for sure. But the last few weeks it was SO cold at 5am. Very easy to say fugedabout it. Next week. Right.

Watching “Justified” from the first season via Netflix discs.. Will catch up to the current season which I am comcasting (as opposed to TIVO’ing..same concept, different hardware). Always loved Elmore Leonard for his lean prose style (only Robert B. Parker was better) and this show is well done. Timothy Olyphant, who was a similar character in “Deadwood” is tremendous.

Also “comcasted” “Alactraz’s” debut. Jury out on that one. Tries too hard. Needs stronger heroes. But the villains? So far so good. What they should do is use the villains to get a few real ringers in there. John C. McGinley, Danny Trejo, David Morse. Character actors. It could be great.

Still snowing.

3 days of work looming ahead of me. Still a somewhat reduced work-load as the motorsports seasons haven’t cranked up yet but the pace is quickening.

LSW is off next week. It will be fun to spend my off days, my weekend, Tuesday and Thursday, with her.

Still snowing. Go away

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