Sunday Wrap 1/16/11-1/121/11

The wrap-up for the week that was 1/16/11-1/21/11. A wish that we could all get along when we buy our Confederate flags, a look at a movie that I should have hated filled with sports statistics, A WEEKENDER column about the death of brick and mortar and hamburgers, another thrilling installment of Radio DaZe and the usual Saturday morning compendium of things too short to be a column. Hoorah for me as Calamity Jane would say. (It’s a Deadwood reference)

Monday 1/16/11

Blog Post Happy Martin Luther King Day, you’all

Tuesday 1/17/11

Blog Post Tuesday Review: Moneyball

Wednesday 1/18/11

Blog Post WEEKENDER Column: The center will not hold

Thursday 1/19/11

Blog Post Radio DaZe-The Wacky (Station) Wagon What you are looking at is an ancient station wagon, I think it was a Chevy, that Don and Mike, the owners of Wacky 102 had me fetch from North Carolina.

Friday 1/20/11

Blog Post It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…

Saturday 1/21/11

Blog Post Aggregate Saturday: 1/21/11

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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