Calling Matthew Brady

My Blackberry Curve 3G takes the WORST photos ever:

Unless you hold the camera perfectly still and the subject is also motionless that is what you get.

Louis Jacques Mande DAGUERRE (1787-1851) developed the The Daguerreotype Process. His photos are crystal clear compared to what I take with my technology laden “smartphone”, perhaps because he used this:

Posing Stand

and perhaps because his subjects had to stand motionless for 30 minutes. Must have made it tough to catch action shots.

Here is what the Blackberry site says about blurry photos –

If there was an award for useless information posing as help, here is your winner:

Some pictures that I take are blurry
In low lighting conditions, the camera might compensate for the lack of exposure by using a slower shutter speed. If you move the camera before the shutter clicks, the picture might be blurry. If the camera is using a slower shutter speed, an exclamation point indicator appears at the bottom of the screen.

The greatest work of fiction ever written:

Depending on your BlackBerry® device model, you might be able to decrease the blurriness in pictures that is caused by slight movements of the camera by turning on image stabilization in the camera options.

Matthew Brady was a civil war photographer. He took many famous photos using the primitive equpiment of his time, including this iconic image:

If he had been forced to use my Blackberry Curve Smart 3G phone he would have given up.

Why I didn’t but the one on the left is a mystery to me:

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