Sunday Morning Wrap

That's a wrap

Sunday Wrap

Monday 4/11/11:

Rant D’Jour is about Power outages.

Blog Post

Tuesday 4/12/11:

Rant D’Jour is about fast food.

Blog Post is the Tuesday morning review-this week the movie Conviction.

Wednesday 4/13/11:

Rant D’Jour is about other people’s kids.

Blog Post

Thursday 4/14/11:

Rant D’Jour is about country livin’.

Blog Post School Daze

Friday 4/15/11:

Rant D’Jour is about mobile ingestion.

Blog Post is my hands down favorite blog post of the month. Possibly of the year.

Saturday 4/17/11

Rant D’Jour makes reference to a Ted Nugent concert. My students said: Ted who?

Blog Post

The Rant D’Jour is from 2005. I had to blow the electronic dust off it.

My Sons are all wired in to the Internet so completely that I thought I was doing a…more


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